Lombard Beer

San Francisco has a history and, Oh, What a history! That it was what Lombard beer want to convey with its marketing campaign. Honoring the past while staying true to the roots, with a look as bold its birth city. Lombard offers a unique beer for each of the most important events in the region's history.

Here they are:
-Traditional (1848 y 1855): A Light Beer, A Bright, Dry-Hopped, American Classic
-Liberty bay beer - The summer of love (1967) Refreshingly Bright. Undeniably Crisp.
- The Rock - Alcatraz (1934 a 1963) Rich. Refined. Splendidly bitter.

This project motivated me from the beginning. Not only for the freedom that the client gave me for designing, but also for the sense of humor chosen for the communication. I was able to apply my skills not only as a designer, but also as an illustrator, drawing the characters for each type of beer.