Pin Up - Gin

Pin Up is a Gin known for its unique aromatic complexity. Its 16 botanicals are meticulously distributed across the palate, providing drinkers with the experience of perfect balance with every sip.

In response to the client's request, I have worked on the design of the logo and packaging of the product, drawing inspiration from the Pop Art style. This design incorporates bright, vibrant colors that contrast with each other and with elements and shapes drawn from the world of comics, creating a visually striking and distinctive aesthetic.

Botella de Gin con un diseño Pop Art y logotipo

Dermatological line for skin care

Dermabidiol is the Dermacosmetic line developed by the Alef Medical laboratory, the leading producer of CBD (Cannabidiol) in Argentina.

Our focus was on soft, elegant, yet minimalist elements that could appeal on women . To do this, I used as little color as possible, an elegant typeface, and big air between the elements.

Dermabidiol brand skin care products