Flipo - Tours Buenos Aires

Flipo is a travel company founded by two young individuals who adore Buenos Aires. They aimed to showcase their city in their unique style! Their solution was to have visitors ride scooters while guides share stories and unravel the mysterious beauty of our city.

I have to admit that this project was incredibly enjoyable, and I was fortunate to work with a fantastic team of positive individuals with great energy.

In terms of design, I started with the logo. The idea was to create a friendly, modern logo with something "happy". I worked with round typography with long sticks, combined with a color palette of saturated tones. This style was applied along the different promotional materials such as: Flyers, tickets, advertising, etc. The graphic system continued to grow with some outdoor photo shootings with the Flipo's team, where the idea was to use street art to highlight the company's pillars: Fun, Style and youth.